Fighting for our Owner-Driver members

September 21, 2016

Photo courtesy of The Herald-Sun. The Victorian Government yesterday announced that they expect to have 37 level crossings fully-removed, or removal works underway, by 2018. They also called for Expressions of Interest for two new major packages of level crossing removals – with funds sourced from the $9 billion long-term lease of the…

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Monash Freeway Upgrade

September 20, 2016

Works on the Monash Freeway Upgrade begin this week and the Victorian Labor Government have announced plans to mitigate congestion for the 200,000 motorists that use the freeway daily. This week, motorists will see preliminary works on the Freeway’s shoulders to make the road smoother and allow extra space to…

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September 15, 2016

The Government is failing to tackle the crisis in trucking, marked by suicides, bankruptcies, low pay, high workplace deaths and injuries and the employment of untrained and exploited migrant workers, drivers and small transport businesses are warning today. The warning comes as the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman released…

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April 21, 2015

Attention QUBE workers Last Friday the union lodged your workplace agreement with the Fair Work Commission for approval. The Fair Work Commission will now decide if the workplace agreement is approved (every agreement is certified by the Fair Work Commission). The union has supported the approval of the document but…

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Drivers tell Coles “Not Good Enough!”

July 28, 2014

Our Coles Online member-led negotiating team has met with management again. They told management that Coles’ rejection of our status, rights and conditions as drivers is not good enough. With drivers’ support from across the country, our team said that we will continue to fight for Coles Online work to…

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Mud Carters Unite

July 22, 2014

TWU Mud Carters negotiations update The TWU and the rank and file drivers committee have now held three meetings with the Plant Hires. The aim of these meetings has been to secure an agreement on rates and conditions that will allow owner drivers to a make a decent living. At…

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EBA Updates

September 12, 2016

Martin Brower EBA finalised TWU members nationally voted to accept the new Martin Brower EA on August 4. Negotiations for the hard-fought agreement began with the company in April. The document had been voted down by members on June 27 because of the company’s attack on classifications. The company had…

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Training and OHS training information

July 13, 2016

information to come

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July 13, 2016

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A message from TWU (Vic/Tas Branch)

State Secretary John Berger

There is no part of our economy which is essentially more important, not only intrinsically, but in terms of the efficient functioning of the rest of the economy, than the transport sector.
From the roads, ports, warehouses and skies, and to our cities and towns, the transport and freight industry contributes significantly to the livelihood of both everyday Australians and our national prosperity. As a Union, we take our responsibilities very seriously in protecting the wages and conditions of members who work in this most diverse and vibrant industry.
We are also always striving to improve the way we represent our members and have organisers, delegates and OH&S representatives constantly working to improve membership density and safety.

In Solidarity,
John Berger
(Branch Secretary)

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Three decades ago TWU members won the battle to have their own industry occupational superannuation fund with the creation of the Transport Workers (Superannuation) Award 1986 – the first of its kind in Australia.

Since the funds inception, the Branch has been successfully fighting for employers to agree to pay more into member accounts.


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Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will go the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve. If you are injured at work or have suffered loss, I recommend Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. They are the experts in personal injury law and will get you the best possible outcome. John Berger, TWU Branch Secretary.


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