November 7, 2017
Ever looked at a job and thought ‘this will only take a second’?   Ever thought that there was a way you ‘should’ do a job but, due to expectations from co-workers or even the boss, have taken risks?  And, even though this risk seemed irrelevant at the time, have you...

READ JOHN BERGER’S OPINION ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN TODAY’S THE HOBART MERCURY – Cheap food at Aldi comes at a big cost for truck drivers and families

November 6, 2017
GLOBAL supermarket giant Aldi has steamrolled through the Australian retail sector courtesy of cheap prices that undercut the competition. Sadly, it is now obvious that a key ingredient of the German giant’s success is a low-cost wage strategy. There is currently no Aldi in Tasmania but, if the groundswell of...

Brisbane park renamed in honour of slain bus driver

October 29, 2017
The TWU (VIC/TAS BRANCH) have made much progress over many years driving up safety conditions across the bus industry, but while drivers are open to attack there is still work to be done. TWU members are strong and stick together and, as our campaign for bus driver safety continues, we...