Many TWU (Vic/Tas Branch) members work with machinery at the forefront of technology, so it is only natural they would expect to be communicated with in a similar fashion. The Branch communicates with members for a variety of reasons – from updates regarding ongoing industrial campaigns and OHS and delegate training to providing members with the latest news and both industry-wide and industry- specific policy information.The Branch understands that the nature of modern communications is in a constant state of flux and we work hard to ensure that communications with members continues to be relevant, effective and integrated.


The official publication of the Branch is published quarterly and is posted to the home addresses of all current and honorary members. It is also now published digitally and accessible through the Branch website.  Our most recent research shows that the TWU NEWS is still the Branch’s most popular method of communication.


The Branch has further integrated its website and journal with social media networks, facebook and Twitter, and the Branch App. In fact, this presence was developed to not only grow unique visits and further embrace the increasing use of phone, tablet and other mobile devices among members but adapt with changing technologies. Australian music great Jimmy Barnes recently delivered a personalized video message – published on the Branch website and Twitter and facebook accounts – for members to stay safe on the roads. The post far-and- away received the most positive member feedback of any other content published by the Branch in recent history.

Bulk SMS

The bulk SMS functionality built into the Administration Console of the Branch web- site is effective in managing simple day to day communications with Organisers and members or an SMS communication campaign.  The SMS application is user friendly and efficient. An SMS sent to a database of numbers takes only a few minutes to upload and send, regardless of whether the database contains a few numbers or hundreds of numbers.