A message from TWU (Vic/Tas Branch)

Branch Secretary John Berger

There is no part of our economy which is essentially more important, not only intrinsically, but in terms of the efficient functioning of the rest of the economy, than the transport sector. From the roads, ports, warehouses and skies, and to our cities and towns, the transport and freight industry contributes significantly to the livelihood of both everyday Australians and our national prosperity. As a Union, we take our responsibilities very seriously in protecting the wages and conditions of members who work in this most diverse and vibrant industry. We are also always striving to improve the way we represent our members and have organisers, delegates and OH&S representatives constantly working to improve membership density and safety.

In Solidarity, John Berger (Branch Secretary)

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October 7, 2020

The Federal Government has made some important changes to JobKeeper. The good news is that the JobKeeper Payment scheme has been extended until 28 March 2021 to ensure more Australians can stay in jobs and more businesses can survive the economic fallout of this pandemic. However, the bad news is…

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October 6, 2020

The National Road Freighters Association and the Transport Workers’ Union have signed a memorandum of understanding to fight for an industry that is safe and sustainable. The MoU recognises that “economic and contractual practices are placing unsustainable pressures on transport operators and workers and contributing to thousands of transport operators…

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September 24, 2020

Qantas workers will receive thousands of dollars in backpay as the Federal Court agreed that the airline’s management has been abusing JobKeeper and ripping workers off. The court case centres on Qantas’s refusal to pay workers for public holiday, weekends, overtime work and allowances by standing workers down for the…

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Member Benefits

Safer Workplaces

Unioned workplaces are safer because people aren’t scared to speak up on safety issues. International studies show that unionised workplaces have an injury rate 24% lower than non-unionised workplaces.

Secure Jobs

As a TWU member, you have the security of knowing your workmates have your back. Workers on union sites are three times less likely to be dismissed than on a non-union site.

Earn More

Union members earn on average, $171 more per week than non-union members - that’s $8,892 per year!

A National Voice

The TWU is an active union campaigning on issues that matter to you, your family and your community. Both at home and across the country.

Legal Support

The TWU has experienced and professionals to help you with work-related matters. This is along with access to leading law firm Maurice Blackburn to represent you and your workmates.

Training, Health and Safety

The cabin of a truck is the most dangerous workplace in the country. TWU members have access to in house training allowing members to build safer and stronger workplaces. TWU agreements always make safety a top priority.

Owner Drivers

The TWU has a proven record representing Owner Drivers. Owner Driver members have assistance and advice developing site agreements, negotiating Owner Driver contracts and conciliations.

Better Banking

Access to union member offers and support from one of Australia’s leading banks - ME Bank.

Field Organisers

Dedicated individual with experience of the industry who are ready to fight alongside you and represent members and workplaces.


Access to the transport industries dedicated Superfund which proudly helps build and support the retirement funds of those moving Australia.

Industrial Advice and Assistance

Your union’s experienced industrial staff provide quality advice and assistance to members in relation to a range of workplace issues.