20 years in the making – Safe Rates pass the Senate

March 21, 2012
The resounding vote in support of the Road Safety Remuneration Bill in the Senate yesterday means that all Australians can look forward to safer roads and truck drivers can look forward to decent pay and conditions.

Tony Sheldon, National Secretary said, “A campaign that has been building for almost 20 years can finally celebrate this landmark legislation that will make the roads that all Australians travel on safer, ensure fairer pay and conditions for truckies and finally begin to hold major retailers like Coles to account for the safe transportation of their goods. We have campaigned side by side with truckies, transport companies, committed politicians, families of people who were killed or injured in truck accidents and communities across Australia for this legislation.”

Pictured: On the front lawn of Parliament this morning, Transport Workers Union and truck driver to thank The Prime Minister Julia Gillard, MPs and Senators for passing the Road Safety Remuneration Bill. (copyright: Belinda Pratten) — with Julia Gillard and Anthony Albanese.


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