August 30, 2018

Qantas company’s executives are getting their bonuses now – but they are trying to make you wait for yours.

Send your message to the Qantas board that it is not good enough – It’s only fair that you are paid the bonus promised to you – and paid it NOW.

Sign the petition –

Qantas are attempting to blackmail workers – the situation is so bad, so anti-worker, that the ACTU are involved – 

Qantas workers have made massive sacrifices for the company since a pay freeze was instigated by CEO Alan Joyce in 2014.

Last week, the company posted a $1.6 billion profit & Joyce announced a ‘bonus’ of up to $2500 for workers.

But there’s no cause for celebration. No goodwill to the gesture. No genuine thanks for the sacrifice. It’s simply a tactic to trap workers into signing new EA’s.

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