Morrison Mocks Truck Drivers

September 21, 2018

PM Scott Morrison has blood on his hands after voting to scrap the Road Safety Tribunal in 2015, but that didn’t stop him playing truck driver yesterday. 


The media stunt was yet another slap in the face to all transport workers – particularly professional truck drivers – and all those thousands of Australians impacted by road trauma.


The kicker is that the LNP killed the road safety watchdog in 2015 despite receiving a Government report that linked increased truckies pay & safety, only made possible by RSRT decisions, to improving road safety.


Big business didn’t like the extra pay bit and that’s a big reason why it was scrapped. Truck-related deaths are again on the increase with over 300 last year Australia-wide.


But hope you enjoyed your special day PM, pretending to shift gears and making ‘brrrmmmmm’ noises?

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