Allan Joyce holds the country to ransom

October 31, 2011

Allan Joyce pockets a 71% pay increase and then wages industrial war with his own workers, jeopardising the Qantas brand and holding the country to ransom. Fair Work Australia’s intervention means Qantas will be forced to negotiate.

John Berger, Branch Assistant Secretary said, “The Union’s priorities have not changed, they are job security, quality Australian jobs and fair wage increases.”


“The action taken by Allan Joyce to lock out his workers and hold the country to ransom by shutting the airline down was wilful and extreme.”


The Union is has always been prepared to bargain in good faith with Qantas and its management.   Fair Work Australia decision on 31 October stated that:


“It is unlikely that the protected industrial action taken by the three unions, even taken together, is threatening to cause significant damage to the tourism and air transport industries. The response industrial action of which Qantas has given notice, if taken, threatened to cause significant damage to tourism and air transport industries and indirectly to industry generally because of the effect on consumers of air passenger and cargo services.”


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Qantas-flier 31 10 11

Qantas-flier 31 10 11

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