March 27, 2018

Senior TWU-BUS Organiser Mike McNess walked into the Martyrs lunchroom yesterday to a round of applause and cheers.

The reason? TWU members at Martyrs had just won back pay for outstanding EBA increases.

The TWU members were quickly reminded that it was they who had fought for and won these conditions.

Martyrs members had scheduled protected action for last weekend – but won their fight on Friday night after last minute talks.

Martyrs are part of the Dineen Group which includes Panorama, McKenzies, Warragul, Berwick and Westernport. Panorama do their own EBA but the rest of the group wait and see what Martyrs resolve before sorting out their own increases.

Until the past few days Martyrs had not resolved the 2014-2018 EBA. This has now been done – with full back pay.

TWU members at Martyrs applied for Protected Industrial Action, conducted a successful ballot and provided notice to Martyrs for an Indefinite Stoppage.

Long story short – this was enough for management to acknowledge the claim and pay what was due.

Special thanks must go to TWU Delegate Ray Corliss who worked diligently to attend EBA meetings, sign-up a number of new members, provided feedback and stood tall as a beacon of fighting spirit.

Ray took over from previous long-term TWU Delegate Mick Corrie who stepped down due to ill-health.

Thanks should also go to Mick for his contribution as Delegate. The EBA Committee was a united Committee and also benefited from the assistance of OHS Representative Mike Simpson.

The TWU will now commence talks with Martyrs for the 2018-2021 EBA.  Martyrs are not a big bus operator but the TWU members are big of heart and stuck together.

They show how any group of Union members who stick together can get what they deserve. 

Interestingly, a random non-member thought it was a good idea to attend the victory party and complain about the Union. He decided not to stay.

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