December 5, 2018

The AEC have formally declared the Transport Workers Union, Victoria & Tasmania election result. Congratulations to all candidates and participants.

Formally elected positions:

Branch President – James Hughes 
Branch Vice President – John Rowe 
Branch Secretary – John Berger 
Branch Assistant Secretary – Chris Fennell 
Branch Trustees – Dissio Markos, Kevin Whelan 
Branch Committee of Management – Anne McDowell, Mary Blandford, Kevin Hoey, Clive Dennis, Graeme Grant, Dean Sloan, Darren McColley, Mandeep Baines, Mike McNess, Ian Munro 
National Councillor – Dissio Markos, Mike McNess, Chris Fennell 
Female National Councillor – Fleur de Carteret
Branch Organisers – Mike McNess, Dissio Markos

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