March 10, 2018


TWU-BUS continues to be out in the yards every day speaking with members about the 2018 Bus Industry Agreement over a BBQ – including recently with TWU (VIC/TAS Branch) Secretary John Berger at Transdev North Fitzroy and CDC Wyndam.

One of the many good news stories recently passed on by TWU-BUS Senior Organiser Mike McNess revolves around a non-member getting a TWU member sacked – and how the union cleaned up the mess.

A couple of weeks ago a TWU-BUS member was in a spot of bother and facing disciplinary action. The TWU had some preliminary discussions with management and all but resolved the situation.

Unfortunately, the driver listened to bad advice from a long-term work mate who is not a member. Our member chose to have this person represent them instead of the TWU! A number of hours later, solely due this bad advice from the non-member, the driver was sacked.

The TWU immediately stepped in and resolved the matter. Our member was very grateful, thanked the TWU and acknowledged that this should never have happened. He also said that this non-member “didn’t have a clue”. He also still wouldn’t have a job if he wasn’t a TWU member.

It is important that TWU members seek assistance from the TWU when required, we have over 100 years of experience in resolving issues in the workplace. And our Organisers and Delegates are continually kept up-to-date with all the necessary information to keep members safe and protected at work.

One method of doing this are regular meetings with Delegates, like the recent Transdev Delegates quarterly meeting (pictured below).



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