Att AEROCARE WORKERS: how can we help make your working life better?

February 21, 2017
The Aerocare Agreement is now due for renegotiation.  This is your chance to improve conditions in your workplace.  The TWU is the Union for all airport workers and will be negotiating with Aerocare for better pay and conditions. To help us make your working life better, please fill out this...

Fatigue Tests Will Stop Rogue Employers

February 12, 2017
Technology may soon become a back-door measure to stop dodgy employers from cutting corners and forcing truck drivers to work dangerously-long hours while fatigued. Melbourne sleep researchers are developing a roadside test for fatigue that police could use along with the alcohol breath-test and the saliva swab for drugs. Victoria Police and the Transport...

We Must Get Up To Speed On Road Safety – Deputy Opposition Leader

February 10, 2017
It’s a mistake to allow politics to compromise road safety, particularly when our road toll is rising after years of decline, writes Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Tourism and Cities Anthony Albanese. Trucks account for only 2 percent of registered vehicles in Australia, yet they are involved in 16 percent...