May 20, 2017

Many new recruits into the logistics sector are unsure of the complex pay and grading systems used by their employer or even if they are getting a fair deal.

So it was for the workers at CC Containers who recently contacted the TWU for assistance. Following meetings at the company’s Yarraville depot, during which workers were provided vital workplace information, the Union was inundated with membership applications. The TWU was then asked to help hammer out an agreement for the yard – one of Melbourne’s largest Empty Container Parks.

One new member said that workers were excited to now have a voice in the workplace.

“We are working for a large company and I didn’t know if we were getting paid what we should or how to start a new agreement. So we called the TWU and it is already seems to be paying off. I never realised all the different ways that Unions help members,” he said.

TWU organiser Mem Suleyman said CC Containers was a newly-energised workplace.

“These workers joined the TWU because they want to be heard. And we are moving fast,” Mem said.

“In just two months we have elected Delegates and the members have signed petitions for a new workplace deal and responded to surveys telling us what they would like in the EBA and we have met with management. We will continue to work hard to secure a good deal”.

Improvements sought by CC members include:

• Wages, superannuation and allowances to match industry standards.

• Union rights, like paid yard meetings, to discuss workplace, super, safety and industry issues.

• Redundancy rights and consultation around workforce changes.

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