July 10, 2018

CDC TWU-BUS members are holding a 24-hour stop work today and have been standing strong at picket lines at CDC Depots at Wyndham, Oakleigh, Geelong and Ballarat since 4:40am.

Drivers have been joined at the picket by family and supporters from across the wider bus industry and community.

These CDC workers are fighting for what is a fair and reasonable pay rise – one that all bus drivers across the Victorian Bus Industry have asked for.

These pickets will be in place until the last bus was due back today – so get on down if you can because we are stronger together.

CDC are not the only Victorian bus operator to be negotiating wages this year.

TWU (VIC/TAS Branch) Secretary and TWU National Vice-President John Berger said there was genuine and widespread outrage among the CDC membership.

“Imagine being told by your boss that you are worth less this year than for the past 12 years – regardless of the impact this will have on your life and the increasing cost of living,” Mr Berger said.

“TWU members are available to continue discussions with CDC, but our members are also prepared to stand together to achieve their claim because they are angered and insulted at the company’s unwillingness to table a fair and reasonable offer.

“These drivers work long hours from early morning to the dead of night in performing an important community service.

“Our members are heavily represented across the industry and they all want the chance to stand up and fight for a living wage.”


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