September 4, 2017

CEVA, the logistics and chain management multinational that posted $6.6 billion in revenue for 2016, is crying poor at the bargaining table and attempting to short-change hardworking TWU members.

In fact, its substandard offer to workers is nothing but a blatant cash grab.

CEVA have even told TWU bargaining representatives that any improvements in some areas of the current agreement will only come with the loss of existing rates and conditions, including fair redundancies, zero increases in superannuation, reduced overtime and below-CPI wage increases in coming years.

Disappointingly, the proposal also falls short of what workers are receiving for doing the same job at other leading transport companies.

We have fought too hard and for too long to just let our blue-collar workers hand back wages and conditions to a Dutch global giant.

CEVA is also trying to undermine the bargaining process by holding undemocratic and non-representative Focus Group meetings that are nothing but a front for trying to sell its bad offer to select workers. The TWU frowns on any attempt by a company to divide its workforce and pit them against each other.

Companies must remember that at the end of these tactics are people, and where’s the humanity in trying to rip-off Australian workers and creating a climate of fear and suspicion among a workforce?

A damning assessment of the company’s behavior was highlighted by the results of a recent worker survey in which over 90% of respondents expressed their disdain at CEVA’s questionable tactics.

Here are just a few things in the CEVA proposal to consider:

  • A 3-tier system where workers will be on reduced pay, superannuation and PM shift allowances

  • New workers to be placed on reduced rates and conditions

  • Each time a new contact comes up CEVA want to use the opportunity to further attack wages and conditions

  • Major pay cut for some workers, and

  • Part-time workers will be expected to work F-T hours without overtime.

The unapologetic mission of the TWU is to defend the rights and dignity of all transport workers and to ensure they have real and decent jobs and a good quality of life. This is why we will never accept a deal that discounts hard-earned rights and conditions.



WHAT CAN YOU DO? VOTE NO TO THE PROPOSAL and tell your mates to join the TWU. To join the TWU speak to your yard’s delegate or organiser, call 1300 727 614 or visit go to this link //



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