August 1, 2018

Comdain Gas members will be voting on a new EBA in the next 24 hours. It’s clear the company offer just doesn’t cut it.

Not only are Comdain members ready to take a stand against management’s offer – but they also stand with local Bus Drivers at CDC.

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There have been several full-day negotiations for the now four EA documents that will replace the current two EA documents that have been in place since 2014.  

The reason for four documents is that Comdain Services Pty Ltd and Comdain Gas (Australia) Pty Ltd are set up as two separate companies and have stand-alone contractual arrangements with two gas distribution businesses.  

They have two different work groups working on the infrastructures – Mains & Services and System Operations.  

 We last met with the company on 13 July and they have made a decision to “test the water” and distribute the document.

Comdain have not met our Wages and Allowances percentage increase Claim of 4% per annum as well as an annual 1% Superannuation Guarantee.  

So Comdain have been told that we will be advising our Members to Vote NO and vote down the Document.  

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