February 10, 2021

Driver Health Study published by Monash University, with the support of the TWU, has revealed a shocking insight into the industry. Your TWU already knows that trucking is a dangerous job, the cabin of the truck is the most deadly workplace in Australia.

In the largest study in trucking ever, the physical and mental health problems truck drivers face are connected to the many pressures and stresses of the job, and directly linked to an increase in crashes and near misses. Driver health is a whole of community issues and when it isn’t address, everyone in our communities is at risk.

Time is up on the Federal Government ignoring calls for drivers health to be taken seriously. This means having well-resourced rest stops that are hygienic and accessible for drivers. It means holding wealthy clients at the top of the supply chain to account for the pressures they force onto you as drivers. It means making road transport safer.

We need every one of you to fight for each other.

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You can watch the full report here: