Drivers tell Coles “Not Good Enough!”

July 28, 2014

Our Coles Online member-led negotiating team has met with management again.

They told management that Coles’ rejection of our status, rights and conditions as drivers is not good enough.

With drivers’ support from across the country, our team said that we will continue to fight for Coles Online work to be recognised as transport work.

Together we can show Coles that we’re serious in our fight for a safe and fair agreement that secures:

  • Safe driving plans
  • Driver consultation
  • Appropriate safety equipment for the work we do
  • Fair dispute resolution
  • Rostering and breaks that comply with fatigue management laws
  • Safe and fair wages
  • Safe shift arrangements and appropriate payment

Speak to your TWU delegate for more information on what happened in negotiations and don’t forget to sign the petition – available from your delegate or organiser or sign it online here

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