June 5, 2018

The rules are broken – it is time to fight back!

Stand united against corporate greed with ESSO / Longford UGLy dispute workers on 28 June to mark a year since the company’s loyal contractual workers established a lawful picket line to protest against sham contracts and the cutting of wages and conditions.
If it has not already happened… pay cuts and casualisation might come to your workplace next.
It’s time for Australian workers to say NO MORE!!!
It’s time for the community to say enough is enough and demand a change to the rules!!!
We can hardly believe it has already been a year since TWU members delivered 🚛 2 x 20 ft containers to our comrades fighting tax dodging #Esso . The guys have fitted them up with a kitchenette and bedding, etc.
Stronger together.
Check out the ESSO UGLY DISPUTE Facebook and Website for the full story.


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