July 18, 2018

TWU (VIC/TAS Branch) Secretary and TWU National Vice-President John Berger and Assistant Secretary Chris Fennell are part of the TWU’s delegation attending this week’s ACTU triennial congress.

The congress is attended by some of the union movement’s biggest players representing workers from every industry and sector in Australia and is used to shape the Australian union movements focus for the coming months and years.

It will also provide an opportunity for the TWU to put the concerns and needs of transport workers and transport sectors on the table.

This is an essential opportunity for TWU members while the ACTU is in the midst of its Change The Rules campaign – the largest worker push since the Your Rights At Work campaign which brought down the Howard Government last decade.


Agenda items include the push for industry-wide bargaining and protected industrial action and stronger protections for unfair dismissal claims.

Delegates will debate and vote on policies regarding the workplace, rights and campaigns to improve wages, conditions and the standard of living for Australian workers and their families.

ACTU Congress also elected the leadership of the ACTU along with other office–holders and the TWU congratulates new ACTU President Michele O’Neil and Secretary Sally McManus on their appointments.

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