For whom does the bell Toll?

July 31, 2013

The national employment agreement negotiations with Toll have been ongoing since April. The member-led team has been fighting for an agreement that;

    •    Locks in current conditions
    •    Increases job security
    •    Guarantees fair super

Toll has argued that agreeing to the member’s claims will make them uncompetitive. This is a position the members working at Toll, and the union, rejects. Early this month Toll workers nationwide earned the opportunity to vote on whether to take protected action in support of the current negotiation claims.

The Fair Work Commission approved the application made by the TWU on Tuesday, 9 July. Toll workers from across 400 yards nationwide have been posted a ballot by the Australian Electoral Commission that gives the opportunity for workers to vote in support all forms of protected action, including work stoppages of up to 72 hours.

Toll workers have 28 days from the date of apprval to make their decision, after which the TWU will proceed to negotiate with Toll as per the decision of its members.

For further information visit the TWU National Campaigns page

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