December 13, 2017

As many TWU-Bus members would be aware there has been ongoing development of Frankston Station Bus Terminus. However, while nearing completion, a number of concerns have been identified.

  • Bus lanes were too narrow

  • Median strip was too wide

  • Clearer signage for right hand turns (which are a problem in themselves)

  • Relocation of driver toilets

  • Delivery vehicles not parking correctly and restricting bus movement.

These concerns apparently had been raised throughout construction but ignored by VicRoads. They came to a head once the TWU, TWU members, PTV, VicRoads, bus operators and Frankston Council visited the site prior to launch.

As a result of the problems, the launch has been postponed and some services continue to operate from the temporary bus stops around the corner. Traffic marshals are in place and we have secured an indemnity for our members over clipping of mirrors, etc.

Those services using the new terminus are doing so with a number of restrictions.

In mid-November, the TWU and industry stakeholders, including PTV, operators and VicRoads conducted simulated trials in a mock-up environment that replicated the new works across the railway lines in a side street, this found:

  • The bus bays needed more space to arrive and depart

  • The kerbs needed to come back

  • The traffic island needed to be narrowed.

This has been a major oversight’ and miscalculation’ by VicRoads. If this was a bus driver stuff-up the operator would be out to sack the driver. I wonder if anybody from VicRoads will lose their job?

The TWU has written to PTV for formal clarification on what changes will be made and when.

Watch this space!


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