Gas Industry Update – Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences

December 15, 2011
In the journal article for Winter 2011 I reported that “the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) was conducting a survey of employers in the gas supply industry. The survey had been developed in consultation with EE-Oz Training Standards, employer associations, the Australian Workers’ Union and the Transport Workers’ Union Vic/Tas Branch and had the full support of these organisations”.
The survey has been completed and there is now a power point presentation as well as a summary of key findings are available in a link below. The power point presentation was used in a presentation at the annual EE – Oz conference in October. Unfortunately there is no reference to Victoria in either.
The “voluntary” participation of employers was critical to the success of the survey and it is fairly obvious that it was not supported well by employers. Only 86 responded out of an identified 189. For example the Gaseous Fuel Vessels (LPG industry) shows a total of 73 employees for the industry nationally? There would be that many employees (+) alone in a company that operates out of Dandenong.
I was only made aware of the results in October and as yet I have not had the opportunity to speak to anybody about which companies responded and which did not. The first dot point in the power point presentation basically sums it up.
“We now have a better but still incomplete picture of the gas supply industry”. “Incomplete” being right on the money!
Hopefully, members were mindful of what was contained in the letters that were sent out by the Union prior to the National Census and identified themselves as a gas industry employee.
The purpose of that action was to get the gas industry on the map so to speak. There are no results available at the moment in regard to the 2011 Census; I will provide that as it becomes available.
All the very best to you and your families for a Great Xmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.
Mick Wirrick
Gas Industry Organiser


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