If the bus you drive is faulty – report it

October 11, 2016

AS members would be aware there are many problems associated with driving a bus that can only be resolved by a good workshop and suitable Defective Vehicle Report (DVR) systems.

All operators must have systems in place for our members to report faults with buses and it is important that our members use these systems. It is more important, however, that they are remedied.

Buses are driven by our members and carry our families. Buses need to be safe for our members, the passengers and other road users.

If the bus you drive has faults that should be reported, report them.

Utilise your elected Occupational Health and Safety Representative if they are not resolved. Remember, it is compulsory for your workplace to have an elected OHS Rep.

No operator wants a convoy of VicRoads vehicles visiting their depot.

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