March 10, 2018

Today the ACTU has launched the biggest union advertising campaign in decades.

The message is simple: Big business has too much power and Australians need more secure jobs and a wage rise.

It’s the largest single ad campaign by the ACTU in more than a decade, since the Your Rights at Work campaign.

The two ads depict families grappling with the consequences of living in a country where big business has too much power and working people not enough. Their work has been casualised and
they’re not getting the pay the need to keep up with basic costs of living.

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus said big business has too much power, profits are up, but working people are struggling to get a pay rise.

“Right now 40 percent of the workforce is in insecure work. Working people want change. They’re sick of one third of big businesses not paying tax. They’re sick of watching CEO bonuses are going up, company profits going up while their own pay falls behind basic living costs.

When big business has too much power, working people pay the price.

“But working people can now do something about it. They can join the campaign, join their union, and be part of the movement to change the rules. The rules at work are broken. This campaign is about changing the rules for working people so Australians have more secure jobs and a fair pay rises. Working people need to join our campaign, and their union, so we can change the rules.”


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