Job security under threat at Qantas

April 21, 2011

The Qantas Enterprise Agreement is due to expire on 1 July 2011. Negotiations for a new agreement will commence in the coming months. Qantas’ efforts to transform its operation into a cut-price airline is threatening members’ pay and conditions. The Union is ready to test the mettle of Qantas management in these upcoming negotiations.

The outsourcing of jobs, labour hire and offshoring will threaten job security at Qantas and workers will strongly campaign against this practice in the negotiations. 

Wayne Mader, Branch Secretary said, “Qantas workers have made it very clear that they will stand up for their right and campaign strongly against the practice of outsourcing.”

“The workforce at Qantas are loyal and dedicated and they deserve to be treated fairly and equitably. Outsourcing is a way of cutting the wages and conditions of these dedicated workers,” said Mr. Mader.

Success in other major claims in the transport industry lifts the standard and provides a good benchmark, particularly as negotiations commence on agreements coming up for renewal in 2011.

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