Ken becomes a milestone donor

February 21, 2013
Ken Griffin from Toll Tasmania at Web Dock has reached a milestone at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. As you can see from the balloon, he has rolled up his sleeves and donated blood 75 times. Ken has been donating blood for the last 10 years, donating every 12 weeks. The Toll enterprise agreement entitles an employee to be absent from work, without loss of pay, for up to 2 hours 4 times per year, or 4 hours for a maximum of 2 days per year, for the purposes of donating blood.
Ken has been a member of the Union for over 36 years and is rank-and-file representative on the Branch Committee of Management. 
Ken should be commended on bleeding by example!! 

Why donate blood?

Blood is vital to life and for many people blood donors are their lifeline. Currently only 1in 30 people give blood, but 1in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime.

Modern processing techniques mean that a single blood donation, when separated into its components, can help at least 3 different patients and contribute to making up to 22 different products (including potentially life-saving immunisations for chicken pox, hepatitis B and tetanus).

Who does donated blood help?

It is sometimes thought that the majority of donated blood helps those involved in accidents and emergencies. However, most of the blood is used to treat people with cancer and other serious illnesses.

For more information on donating blood or to make an appointment:

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