Labour punt clears way

September 14, 2016

The Andrews Labor Government have claimed that travel times have improved on Punt Road “by an average of 40-per-cent” since permanent 24/7 clearways were created two weeks ago.

Previously, clearways only operated weekdays during peak hour on Punt Road – one of Melbourne’s most critical north-south city bypasses.

The most significant improvements have been outside of peak periods and on weekends where the average time dropped by 40-per-cent since late August.

Roads Minister Luke Donellann said:

  • The early trend suggests when you’re journeying along Punt Road outside of peak periods, it’s going to take between 4 and 6 minutes almost every time.
  • On a Saturday afternoon, motorists would once spend around ten minutes travelling along Punt Road from Alexander Avenue to High Street.
  • The same Saturday afternoon journey has so far been reduced to five minutes.
  • At 3pm on schooldays, motorists could spend 13 minutes travelling along Punt Road, from High Street to Alexander Avenue. Last week, with 24/7 clearways in place, that same trip at that same time took an average of five minutes – from start to finish.

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