Log of Claims for a Porthaul Agreement TWU Fair Work Agreement July 2017

July 12, 2017
  1. Wages: The drivers accept the offer on wages with the following changes
    1. Day Shift rates to increase by $1 per hour for all classifications
    2. Meal allowance payable on all shifts in lieu of a wage increase in year 2 of the agreement
    3. Wage increase in the third year to be equal to the percentage increase in minimum wage


  1. Hours of work:
    1. limit the hours of work to between Monday to Friday.
    2. Shifts can only be varied with at least 10 hours notice or less by agreement
    3. Make clear that where the driver is allocated other work due to the forest/port being shut that the drivers will be paid their normal hourly rate


  1. Sunday rate:
    1. Drivers to be paid the premium rate for all work done on a Sunday


  1. Training:
    1. Where a driver is brought in on a weekend for training they must be paid a minimum of 4 hours


  1. Leave:
    1. Drivers to be paid annual leave on their usual driving rate, plus their annual leave loading
    2. Porthal can direct driver to take up to two weeks of annual leave over the shut down of the port over Christmas, drivers to have the option of taking this time as leave without pay
    3. Where Porthaul has directed workers to take leave and the driver has insufficient leave they will be allowed to accrue a negative leave balance
    4. Personal leave to be paid at the driving rate


  1. Discipline process:
    1. Remove reference to an independent person in procedure and replace with a representative of the drivers choice



  1. Allowances:
    1. Introduce a boot allowance of $100 per year
    2. Where drivers are required to use their personal phones they are to be paid an allowance of $10 per week


  1. All other provisions as per the latest draft


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