Mud Carters Unite

July 22, 2014

TWU Mud Carters negotiations update

The TWU and the rank and file drivers committee have now held three meetings with the Plant Hires. The aim of these meetings has been to secure an agreement on rates and conditions that will allow owner drivers to a make a decent living. At our most recent meeting the following plant hires turned up; Fleet, Kingston, Go Green and ResourceCo, with Mad Bros being an apology. These companies broadly agreed that our claims are fair, but they are unable to sign up until the other plant hire companies commit to a similar arrangement.

We are at a crossroad in our campaign!

For Mud Carters to receive a safe and livable rate we need to secure commitment from all the Plant Hire’s – in particular from Lantrak and EPH. The TWU will be holding a mass meeting of Mud Carters in the coming weeks to endorse a plan of action as part of our fight for safe and livable rate. The TWU will send text messages advertising our next meeting, or you can join the Facebook page Tipper Trucks Victoria for more information.

United we bargain, divided we beg!


Help us spread the word, download a PDF of the flyer here

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