Outside the gates – TNT

July 30, 2013

TNT workers in Campbellfield met before work on Monday 22nd July to discuss the implications of a change in start time with union organiser, Peter Mancuso.

Members met to demonstrate their anger and disapointment at management’s decision to change working hours to reduce costs. Members, and the union, feel strongly that it is not fair for the company to take away from workers to compensate for the cost of their poor business decisions.

Several union meetings with TNT workers have taken place outside the gates, managment of many yards not allowing union meetings on company property. Despite the threat of potential disciplinery action members stood together and demonstrated that they would not be denied their rights. As a result TNT was shamed into doing the right thing and a subsequent meeting, at TNT Laverton North, was held in a meeting room.

TNT Cam GatesTNT Cam Gates2TNT Cam Gates4TNT Cam Gates3

If you are employed by TNT and want to have a say in your new agreement, contact your TWU Organiser, Peter Mancuso 0402 039 194.

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