April 24, 2018

Voters in 11 marginal seats strongly support changing broken workplace legislation to increase the minimum wage, restore penalty rates and increased measures to reduce insecure work.

The ACTU polling also shows strong support for better bargaining laws that go beyond enterprise-only bargaining, equal pay laws, flexible working arrangements for carers and family and domestic violence leave.

Australians also want law changes to stop wage theft and preventing an over-reliance on casual work by employers. Sadly, the polling also shows we are concerned about living standards, with most respondents expecting their own standards to stay the same or go backwards in the near future.


These concerns of the community can be addressed if we get behind the ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign. We can Change the Rules. Let’s address the imbalance, let’s stop the creation of a class of working poor, let’s restore people power.

And TWU members have just seen an example of the power of the collective voice.

The TWU has protested loud and long since the Coalition turned its back on road safety in scrapping the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) in April 2016. We have also been lobbying policy makers to reinstate in legislation the fundamental principles of the RSRT.

This week Federal Labor promised to restore the powers of the RSRT in some form if elected.

The ACTU has been building an army as part of its campaign to change industrial relations laws at the next election.

“Over the next two weeks we will be hitting the streets and letting every single person in the country know that working people will change the rules  so we can have more secure jobs, fair pay and enforceable rights at work,” she said.

“The working people of Australia are taking this campaign to the next election and beyond, and we are prepared to fight hard, fight smart and change the rules.”




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