Parmalat EBA Negotiations – Update

July 6, 2017

Over recent months your member-led negotiating team have been fighting for a new agreement to take all members into the future.

Our claim to the company has rrequested for a strong and fair agreement for all workers through good jobs, strong conditions and workplace reform.

As part of negotiations the company have agreed to the following:

No loss of current terms and conditions for drivers.

  • 3-year agreement.
  • 2.5% pay increase each year until expiry of current EBA in 2020.
  • Freeze on meal allowance.
  • Back pay from the expiry of the current EBA in June.
  • New family and domestic violence leave, 10 additional days to support workers trying to deal with or recover from family and domestic violence.
  • Company to now give reports to consultative committee regarding casual radios, and
  • Those receiving Weekend Averaging continue to receive allowance if they continue to work weekends. If you’re not working weekends, it will be phased out over 12 months.


Where to from here:

Over a 2-day-period between Friday, 7 July 2017 and Monday, 10 July 2017, you will have an opportunity to vote YES or  NO.  Your vote is confidential and kept in a locked ballot box.

Should the majority of workers VOTE YES, arrangements will be made to certify the EBA and pay your back pay.

In the event of the majority of workers VOTING NO, we will be back at the negotiating table and members will need to consider taking protected action.

We are stronger together

If you have not already become a Union member, join today and show your support for the people who are working to maintain and improve working conditions at Parmalat.

You can join online right now at  

Should you have any additional questions feel free to speak to a TWU delegates or TWU organiser Mem Suleyman on 0466 471 844.



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