Qantas Crews Clean for Take Off

November 12, 2015

The flying Kangaroo has bounced to the table and agreed to launder all uniform items for QAL and QCCA long-haul flight attendants.

The decision follows a tireless TWU fight for workers after it was brought to the Union’s attention that Qantas had never previously dry cleaned and laundered all the uniforms.

The changes came into effect on 21 September and drop-off and pick-up points have been made available for each base location in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Staff should note that a turnaround time of 72 hours has been recommended by Qantas management.

The protracted stand-off had ended in a Fair Work Australia decision that the EBA provisions in relation to the laundering of uniforms required Qantas to wash or dry clean all uniforms at Qantas expense.

The airline will review the process in six months. 

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