Qantas Ground Services – Fair Pay Every Day

August 6, 2013

Hundreds of people are employed by Qantas Ground Services (QGS) at airports across the country. QGS is 100% owned by Qantas. QGS is 100% controlled by Qantas. QGS workers wear Qantas uniforms and work side by side with Qantas employees. But Qantas management says QGS workers don’t deserve to be treated like Qantas workers!

Not one QGS staff member is employed on a permanent full time basis!
Pay rates at QGS are significantly lower than at Qantas for doing the same job.
QGS workers currently have little or no guarantees on working hours and future income.
QGS workers are not entitled to the same overtime penalties, and fewer staff benefits, such as access to One World travel like their Qantas counterparts.
QGS workers get a lower standard package of workers compensation.

The TWU does not think this is fair – we are fighting for decent wages and conditions for everyone who works in Australia’s aviation industry.
The current QGS Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) expires soon, and negotiations for a new EBA for QGS workers are just about to begin.

TWU members at QGS are determined to negotiate a better EBA that improves wages and conditions for all QGS workers.

By bridging the gap between QGS and Qantas workers, the TWU is fighting for a stronger and more secure aviation industry in Australia where everyone receives a decent wage and enjoys good working conditions.

Joining the TWU means QGS workers can stick together and win a better EBA. To join the TWU click here

Workers at Qantas Ground Services (QGS) can keep up to date with the EBA campaign via SMS. Just sign up and receive the latest news directly to your phone. To register for QGS SMS updates fill out the form here.

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