April 21, 2015

Attention QUBE workers

Last Friday the union lodged your workplace agreement with the Fair Work Commission for approval. The Fair Work Commission will now decide if the workplace agreement is approved (every agreement is certified by the Fair Work Commission).

The union has supported the approval of the document but is seeking clarification on certain wording to ensure workers are safe from company attacks like roster arrangements and the use of casual workers.

The Fair Work Act ensures the Union can seek clarification.

During report back meetings in February the company promised that on a positive vote backpay would be paid to workers. The company now needs to decide when they will honor this promise to workers.

What now?
The union will continue to fight for your entitlements.

How long?
The timeline is unclear. Negotiations may re-commence because the company has delayed the lodging of the document until the union lodged the document.

For further information contact your TWU delegate.

Download bulletin as a PDF here.

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