Remember to carry your union card

February 21, 2013

It’s taken us a little longer to post union memberhsip cards this year, so thanks for your patience. We have subscribed to a great new discount service for members called Union Shopper. The booklets have arrived and we are in the process of sending out memberhsip cards. Union Shopper gives members access to a wide range of discounted goods and services. Go to Union Shopper to check it out.

We have previously mentioned stories of lost wallets being returned to their rightful owners in the TWU News. Again, we have had success in reuniting wallets and owners. Since the last TWU News the membership department have received 3 calls from people finding wallets containing a TWU membership card firmly tucked away in one of its compartments. This is just a reminder to keep your card in your wallet ….you just never know!

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