October 30, 2018

BREAKING: A heavy vehicle driver rest area strategy will be developed for Tasmania.

This is a big win for our Tasmanian members.

On 9 August, Branch Delegates told Senator Catryna Bilyk and Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White MP that the lack of stops on major roads is a serious workplace safety issue. 

Rebecca took the issue directly to the Tasmanian Government who have just released funding for the Tasmanian Transport Association to next week start a project to develop the rest stop strategy.  

This shows that our grassroots members have a strong voice and real change can come straight from the yards.

The TWU (Vic/Tas) Branch has been asked to be part of a Reference Group formed to guide the policy’s development. The Branch will help determine the necessary number of stops needed and determine the preferred spacing between rest areas and other necessary infrastructure, such as lighting and toilet facilities. 

Sen. Bilyk has also raised the matter in the Federal Senate and moved a Branch motion at the recent Tasmanian Labor State Conference.

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