Save Medicare for working Australians – put the Liberals last

June 27, 2016

The Federal election is on a knife-edge and a handful of seats will decide the victor. If the Coalition wins, this time next week they will be activating plans to dismantle Medicare.

A working doctor has recorded a video  for the ACTU to explain why the country cannot afford to lose Medicare.

medicare Vote to save Medicare – Put the Liberals last

With the Turnbull Government’s deep health cuts it’s getting harder for Doctors to care for their patients. We all rely on Medicare and bulk billing.

Dr Meagher, who has no political party affiliations, has been a family GP for 40 years and has seen how important Medicare is right since its introduction.

“But with the Turnbull Government’s health funding cuts deepening, it is getting harder to care for my patients,” he said.

He also warned that, due to the cuts, many doctors will be forced to stop bulk-billing and he is concerned some people will simply stop going to the doctor because they can no longer afford visitation costs.

“We can make a difference. When you vote on July 2, save Medicare and, please, put the Liberals last.”

Labor’s health policy at this election.

  • Medicare will stay in public hands.
  • The GP tax will be stopped.
  • We will deliver extra hospital funding.

Your friends and family who care about health policy can find out more from the fact sheets on our website that break it all down:
See our positive plans for health here.

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