FIGHTING FOR MEMBERS: (L to R) Startrack Vic/Tas Branch Delegate Raj Singh, Senior Organiser John Parker and Senior Delegate Clive Dennis.


October 5, 2017

The Startrack National Negotiation Committee has been holding enterprise agreement meetings with company management over the last few months to discuss your Log of Claims with steady progress being made. 

The TWU has a large membership base among employees of the national transport and logistics company.  

Startrack’s current offer is for a three year agreement containing a 2-per-cent salary increase each year through the life of the agreement and a 1-per-cent per annum bonus based on a members last group certificate. 

The company has also agreed to a straight roll-over of the existing EBA terms and conditions into the new agreement. 

Clause 29 of that agreement provides for the continuation and protection of the TWU owner drivers contract nationally. That contract will be renegotiated early next year. 

The National Negotiation Committee – which includes Vic/Tas Branch Senior Organiser John Parker and Senior Delegate Clive Dennis – will continue to meet and hopes to finalise its position shortly. 

Members will receive regular committee updates in their yards and can also track and trace the progress of the Startrack National Agreement by visiting 

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