January 25, 2018

This summer will continue to be a hot one.

TWU members may have already seen TWU-Bus officials out on the road handing out chilled bottles of water to heat stressed bus drivers at various bus stops and terminus around Melbourne.

On Thursday, TWU-Bus officials handed out water at Chrinside Park, Knox City, Stud Park, Waverley Gardens, Dandenong Station, Monash University, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Glen Waverley Station, Belgrave Station and Box Hill Station in Melbourne’s east.

They then headed north and west and did the same at numerous bus stops and terminus.

TWU members would know that most Victorian bus operators work with the TWU to develop a heat policy.

These policies have been drawn up with the assistance of TWU-Bus delegate and OHS representatives.

All operators have been reminded to display and work to the agreed Heat Policy.

Important components of the policy include:

*  Buses must be air conditioned

*  Buses that are not air conditioned must not be driven by the same driver for more than four hours

*  Any driver that requests a changeover due to heat stress is to be changed over asap. TWU-Bus would like to remind all of our members to request a changeover due to heat stress if required, and

*  Chilled water is to be supplied to drivers leaving the depot.

Many operators also equip changeover cars with esky’s containing chilled water to take out to hot drivers.

The TWU would like to remind all members to speak to their delegate or OHS representative if they believe the heat is causing the workplace to be dangerous.






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