November 20, 2018

Since the independent road safety watchdog was dismantled by the Coalition, 460 people have died in truck crashes nationwide. Truckies tell us that the industry is getting more dangerous.

While the federal government continues to sit on its hands don’t forget – a re-elected Victorian Labor has promised to introduce laws to criminalise industrial manslaughter.

The proposed laws can only help to reduce this waste of life and will carry up to 20 years jail for negligent bosses and fines of up to $15 million.

TWU (VIC/TAS Branch) Secretary John Berger helped lead the union-wide push for the laws.

“There are so many loopholes in the current arrangements and some bosses, through negligence, are killing workers and never seeing a day in court,” John said.

“These proposed laws will ensure employers take workplace safety seriously and cannot rely on deep pockets to avoid accountability.

“They will also help ensure the single most important thing to us as a union – that each of our members arrive home safely to their families at the end of every shift.”

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