Stop this happening to other Coles drivers

September 11, 2013

On August the 8th this year a Perth based Coles home deliveries driver’s life changed tragically when a car crashed into him as he unloaded groceries from the back of his truck. His injuries were horrific and his left leg had to be amputated, but doctors were able to save his right leg after many difficult surgeries. TWU Western Australia branch and its lawyers are doing everything possible to achieve the best possible financial outcomes for the injured driver from workers compensation and a motor vehicle personal injuries claim.

This terrible accident brings to light some extremely disturbing facts about Coles Online traffic safety protocols;

  • Coles Online trucks have inadequate lighting at the rear of their vehicles despite repeated requests by drivers for floodlights to be installed
  • Drivers are instructed to park on the road outside customers’ homes and not in driveways (TWU has been informed that since this accident Coles have instructed drivers that it is “up to their discretion” wether they park in a customers’ driverway – a move in the right direction but not a solution, and it has only come about after a terrible accident that could have been avoided if better saefty procedures and driver training was in place)
  • Traffic hazard cones and reflective triangles are not provided to drivers. They are not part of any Coles Online traffic management plan and drivers have never been instructed on the use of such hazard equipment
  • All Coles Online trucks have to be loaded from back doors when side door access would clearly be safer

The TWU is deeply concerned for the safety of all Coles Online drivers and contend there is a need for urgent improvements in Coles’ safety procedures. If you are a Coles Online driver concerned about your safety and that of your coworkers contact the TWU 1300 727 614.

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