Transdev Failure to Pay

November 25, 2016

The TWU is aware of further errors at Transdev in processing employee pays following the introduction of Pay Centre.

We think they need to work faster to rectify the issues, ensure there are no repeats and we believe they should make moves to pay workers immediately by alternate means if necessary.

Having no pay does not help our members pay their mortgages or any other bill that is due. It is an employee’s entitlement to be paid on time, every time.

We have received information that some Transdev drivers have not received any payment at all and others are reporting back that they are being underpaid.

Furthermore, some are being paid on paper, but haven’t actually received any monies, this will obviously cause some concern at the tax office, who no doubt expect said employees to pay taxes on their annual earnings at the end of the tax year.

This has just been another colossal Transdev blunder.

Sadly, Transdev employees have lost all confidence that the company can introduce any sort of technology that is going to work.

The TWU have been inundated with complaints from Transdev employees.

The TWU recommend Transdev personally contact every employee who is having problems. Furthermore, the TWU have informed Transdev of their obligation to ensure that all their employees  are to be paid on time, and put as much resources that is required to fix up this problem immediately.

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