Transport worker uproar: City of Melbourne forced to pause further bike lanes for at least 12 months

June 30, 2022

Since the last update, the TWU has continued to raise the legitimate concerns of transport workers in freight delivery, food delivery, passenger vehicles, courier drivers, cash-in-transit, buses, and furniture removal.
The City of Melbourne has agreed to halt construction of further bike lanes for at least another 12 months. TWU members across a variety of industry require safe and reliable access to loading zones and express bus lanes – and because of the strength of TWU members, the City of Melbourne has had to reconsider their plans. 
Bike lanes can exist in the CBD but not at the cost of transport workers and their safety. Without transport workers, nothing moves – businesses don’t get deliveries, people at home isolating with COVID don’t get groceries, bus drivers cannot move commuters safely and efficiently around the city, banks don’t receive cash, people cannot access furniture removalists. The list continues. 
Transport workers and all relevant stakeholders need a seat at the table through consultation to ensure that future plans are right and that all stakeholders are able to find workable solutions that do not compromise anyone’s safety. 
The TWU continue to call for safe loading zones in each city block, as well as express bus lanes for bus drivers who move Victorians from point A to B. Loading zones within proximity to banks and businesses, and express bus lanes are critical infrastructure in the CBD.