February 28, 2018

ALDI’s low cost contracts are so low they are putting a financial squeeze on transport operators, forcing them to cut corners on safety.

ALDI must stop the race to the bottom to save lives on our roads. Truck drivers and their supporters angry at Aldi’s refusal to address safety concerns have protested with the TWU in Australian capitals today.

Protesters called on Aldi to ensure that safety is prioritised and that the wealthy retailer ends it legal action to stop drivers from speaking out on safety.

The ALDI National Day of Action Melbourne was held at the ALDI Franklin St store, in the CBD.

Click the link to watch a specially-created video illustrating how Aldi is making our roads less safe:

TWU (VIC/TAS Branch) Secretary John Berger said the protests against Aldi would continue on until the company came to the table and dealt with the safety issues.

“The TWU will not go away while there are safety issues in the Australian transport industry, especially in the supply chains,” John said.

“Coles and Woolworths have signed a Charter with the union and we will ensure their supply chains are in order. We are not saying that this will be an easy battle, but we will keep battling away with these people to ensure that all union members are treated fairly and even those working within the stores as well.

“So Aldi, the test is on you. Come to us and talk to us about our safety concerns we have with your supply chain. We are not going to go away Aldi.”

TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon said truck drivers have told the TWU that they are pushed to work long hours to meet Aldi’s unrealistic deadlines.

“We are monitoring transport operators which deliver Aldi’s goods and do not maintain their trucks and do not pay their drivers properly. These issues are creating safety risks which are putting lives in danger.  At the heart of this problem is Aldi’s low cost contracts that mean corners are being cut with safety. Aldi is refusing to accept this and is trying to shut down the truth,” he said.

Aldi last August began a Federal Court case attacking the right of drivers to speak out and protest about safety in its supply chain. This case continues before the court. Hundreds of truck drivers across Australia have held several co-ordinated protests against Aldi.

 Safe Work Australia data for 2017 showed almost 40% of all workplace deaths involved a transport worker.

Watch John Berger address the protest here.

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