Truck immobilisation safety campaign

March 7, 2016

Truck drivers are being reminded to safely immobilise their prime movers and trailers following a recent incident where a driver was crushed in Queensland. 

The driver was working in the Brisbane suburb of Morningside when his truck rolled back onto him.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland head Dr Simon Blackwood says many workers have been seriously injured or killed due to a heavy vehicle or trailer not being effectively immobilised.

“Sadly many of these incidents could’ve been avoided, so to help reduce the number of incidents our inspectors are visiting workplaces to look at how heavy vehicles and trailers are being immobilised,” Blackwood says.

“This campaign is about ensuring businesses having safe operating procedures in place and that workers actually follow them so that vehicles are safely immobilised to minimise the risk of being crushed or hit.”

Blackwood says drivers getting in and out of their trucks or working with or around them need to make sure they switch off the motor and remove the key from the ignition, apply the handbrake and use wheel chocks if required.

“It might also pay to install a handbrake warning system to alert drivers when the handbrake hasn’t been applied. These can be easily retro-fitted for a relatively minor cost,” Blackwood says.

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