July 21, 2018

TWU CDC members have notified the company that they will take protected action next week in the shape of 5 work stoppages – including two 24-hour strikes.

The stoppages are part of an ongoing pay dispute to #sharethefare with the Singapore-based multinational and follow two four-hour and one 24-hour work stoppages since 10 July.

There is no doubt CDC members are holding the line and getting stronger and more determined and unified….. and a long way from forgetting CDC’s insulting and sub-standard wage offer.

This is one reason we continue to welcome new members from CDC. They want to dig in with their colleagues to make sure the rich multinational gets the message that Australian workers will not be ripped-off.

CDC TWU members also began indefinite protected action today (21 July) in refusing to collect fares, activate ‘touch on’ ticketing devices or wear CDC uniforms.


Full stoppages will take place at:

• CDC Sunshine depot, Tuesday 24 July, from 6am to 10am.

• CDC Ballarat depot, Tuesday 24 July, from 7am to 11am.

• CDC Sunshine depot Friday 27 July, from 3pm to 7pm.

• CDC Oakleigh depot for 24 hours from first bus on Thursday 26 July.

• CDC Wyndham depot for 24 hours from first bus on Friday 27 July.

*Picket lines will be in place at each depot during the protected actions.


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