May 16, 2018

The Transdev Melbourne Pty Ltd Workshop Enterprise Agreement 2018 has been voted up unanimously by members.  

These negotiations were not easy and Transdev only tabled an offer acceptable to members after they had voted to take Protected Action.

We would like to thank the Union Bargaining Committee of Ged, Joe and Jamie and all Members for your support throughout the bargaining process.

Your unity sent a strong message to Transdev during the negotiations and you stood together with one united voice.

This worker power will also send a message to all other operators scheduled to begin agreement negotiations in 2018 that TWU members never back down.

This is how we win.

It should be pointed out that operators Martyrs and Murrays also offered better deals earlier this year just before protected action was to be taken.

We are deeply-indebted to all TWU-BUS Delegates and Members for the hard work you put in to achieve these results.

The AMWU were joint-signatories to the Transdev Workshop agreement.

Last week, the TWU and Transdev Delegates met with Transdev management for the third time to further discuss your EA.

TWU-BUS expects the drivers’ agreement, given how the workshop agreement went, will be heated and our Log of Claims not easily achievable. TWU-BUS and our Transdev members, as with all Victorian Bus EBA’s, will not be mucking around but we need the power of the workers behind us.

TWU-BUS has had an extremely active start to 2018, fighting for your rights and organising for secure jobs and pay rises during ongoing EA negotiations.

We can report that non-TWU workers from operators big and small are starting to understand what the TWU can do for them and have been signing-up in droves.

These non-members are getting the message that the more power we have, the more we can demand for workers and the harder we can fight.


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