December 15, 2017

Our national cabin crew campaign is hitting new heights this month with the roll-out of the first ever TWU Cabin Crew Industry Survey. To complement this TWU branches in every state and territory are stepping up activity and representation of cabin crew.  

This survey is an important culmination of work done to ensure all cabin crew across Australia have the support to stand together and demand better jobs and a better future.  

The survey will ensure all of the issues that matter to cabin crew are included in the campaign. It will also assist to hold accountable the airlines, airports, and governments that can make a difference for cabin crew. 

No matter which airline you work for, cabin crew have the right to fair conditions and decent jobs. Together we are stronger and it is only by working together that we will achieve this. 

In November, over 30 TWU cabin crew delegates from across every airline and group came together to plan key activities and will help lead the TWU fight for a better future for cabin crew. 

The cabin crew campaign is a vital and integral part of the broader Safe & Secure Skies campaign – aiming for better jobs right across aviation. While it is important the cabin crew organise across airlines, it is also vital that all aviation workers stand together for a better industry. 

Aerocare may be the extreme end of the industry at present, with below poverty wages on part-time work and split shifts, but other industry bosses are keen to try to bring in these conditions – for all airport workers. What happens in the short-term will impact all aviation and airport workers for years to come. 

Brent Van Koldenhoven, a Jetstar delegate, said it would be a ‘great goal’ to have baggage handlers, flight attendants, caterers, cleaners and everyone else working together with that common goal.  

“Just having massive power at the airports. Everyone working together to bring up conditions for everyone, not just small groups, to raise standards across the board,” he said.  

If you work in aviation now is the time to get involved in this campaign and get active. Get the word out about the cabin crew survey and make sure you’re involved in the next National Day of Action. JOIN TODAY 1300 727 614.



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